On Track To Hit  My First $120k Year

"Victor is a genius, like seriously. I am inspired daily by his work ethic, his commitment to continuous development and his support for his clients and students."



Consistent $10,000 months in less the 7 months


Size of community grew 10x in 5 months


Sold out group programs 


Clearly defined IP framework I can build my business on

Where I Was Before I started Working With Victor.

Before we started working together my business was growing SLOWLY. While I was clear on who I wanted
to help, I didn’t know how to package the solution in a way that was compelling and enticing to them.
I had no set way of working with my clients, so my approach was not consistent and my personal brand
was also weak. My income hovered around the £3k a month mark.


I'm  Victor

Chichi Eruchalu is an absolutely, amazing award winning Business Strategist that I had the absolute pleasure of working with for about two years. Over that that time as we implemented the Community Mastery Method™ in her business I watched her grow and come into her own power as an authority in her field. Below is a summary of how the Community Mastery Method was applied to her business.

How We Applied The Community Mastery Method

The Community Mastery Method™ is a 5 part framework designed to help entrepreneurial experts build, leverage and monetize tribes of true fans built a round a message, product or service.

First: We worked on her foundational IP

Never forget that you are first and foremost in the intellectual property business.

Everything starts with your foundational IP and this goes way beyond just creating what is generally known as a signature process. In The Community Mastery Method™ we refer to this foundational IP as your Distinct Solution System™(DSS). Typically your DSS doesn't lock you in a niche because it's based on who you are and your highest values.

Second: We built a movement around her foundational IP

Give people a future bigger and better than today to reach for and they'll follow you anywhere.

Once we created her foundational IP: CEO Mastery. The next step was to start to build a movement, a tribe of people interested in the future that CEO Mastery represented. In this case  female entrepreneurs looking to develop the clarity, confidence and capabilities they need to succeed in life, business and and their career.

Third: We created profit centers based on who she was committed to being and not on what was popular

The best business model for you is that which is in complete alignment with who you are as a person

Understanding exactly what kind or business model and profit center are a fit for you is vitally important. In Chichi's case we designed a of series high ticket offers that helped her ramp up her revenue and low ticket offers that led up to high ticket sales.

Victor is a genius, like seriously. I am inspired daily by his work ethic, his commitment to continuous development and his support for his clients and students.

Under his mentorship I built a strong personal brand and he helped me gain a LOT of clarity around what makes me unique, the traits and skills I have and how I can bring them into my business.

I created my DSS which allowed me to create offers for my community that supported them better and now when I promote new products and services they sell really well.

He also taught me the importance about building community and the different stages that people are at, inside your community. This helped me really focus on growing my own community and today my Facebook group has grown from 242 to 2500+ in 5 months and is full of amazing women - both current and future clients and continues to grow daily.

- chichi eruchalu

Results After Working With Victor 7 Months

Went Full Time

I was able to quit my 9 to 5 and go full time running my business.

Increased Revenue

I got on track for my very first $120,000 year as I averaged $10000/mth

Created My Framework

Once I created my framework CEO Mastery and started actively teaching it. I used this framework as the basis of my book, my speaking engagements and courses.

Increased Confidence

My confidence increased and as a result I was able to increase my prices and create more result focused solutions for my market.

Attract High-Paying Clients
Command Premium Fees +
Profit From What You Love To Do

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