Build, Leverage And Monetize Your Tribe Of True Fans Who Happily Pay You What You Deserve And Take Your Wisdom & Expertise To The World

Discover How The Community Mastery Method™ Helps You Become The High Profile, Highly Paid Person Of Influence You Deserve To Be.

They Say

Dinma Nwobi

Creator, Happify Your Life Experience

" I recommend Victor not just for the income I've made but because of his capacity to laugh, think and roll out timeless recommendations and wisdom that when applied transforms your life and business"

Oyinkansola Alabi

The Emotions Doctor

" One of the major pivots of my life was when I worked with the premium Victor Ekpo Bassey. He helped me increase my personal and professional influence. I love and respect his expertise and kindness.."

Find out how Chichi Eruchalu built a 6 figure income generating community in 7 months by applying the Community Mastery Method™

So What's The Community Mastery Method™?

The Community Mastery Method™ is a Framework for marketplace leadership. It's a new way of thinking about yourself, your business, your income streams and your influence in the market place. It's a way to capture, package and deliver your wisdom and expertise so that you set yourself apart from everyone else in your field and ultimately become known as the high profile, highly paid person of influence who determines how people think about your area of expertise.

World Class Training, Coaching And Mentoring From A Proven Mentor

World Class Training, Coaching And Mentoring From A Proven Mentor

Get access to training that produces results on a week by week basis. This isn't theory that you will be receiving; these are the actual proven steps countless others have used to go from zero sales to beyond $100k. You'll learn how to streamline your business activities online and focus on the strategies that'll earn you maximum profit in minimum time. Everything you learn about in the Highly Paid Experts Network will be timely and relevant, methods that are working right now, today. You won't see it in the training unless it has proven to be successful and duplicatable. There will be no need for you to "filter" out things that no longer work as is the case in a lot of dated products, because everything focuses on the latest methods that really work..

Community That Provides You With The Network, Support And Accountability You Need To Reach Your Goals

The real magic of The Highly Paid Experts Network lies in our COMMUNITY. Think of it as the place where you will rub shoulders with the best of the best. It is a rich and vibrant place where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs who want to do things differently. Together you will share success secrets, practical tips and ‘lessons learned’ as well as give each other encouragement and support. Our conversations all take place in our private online community where you can even find the accountability, support and network you need to reach your goals.

An Ever Expanding Library Of Resources Designed To Help You Get Results Fast

Each and every week, you get access to new resources, videos, masterclasses, audio training, ebooks, reports all designed to help get you the results you need. Some of the resources you'll gain immediate access to include:

  • Building your online speaking empire
  • Building your online publishing empire
  • Nanopublishing for coaches and consultants
  • Ethical Cult Building
  • And more...

Get Access To Member Only Perks, Special Offers, Discounts, And Events

Becoming a member of the highly paid experts network provides you with special benefits.

  • Get a 30% discounts on all programs offered by Victor Ekpo Bassey
  • Get invites to private member only events and trainings
  • Get special access to the 97 day challenge and achieve more in your first 90days on The Highly paid Experts Network that in the last 10 years.


How Do I know The Highly Paid Experts Network Is Right For Me?

If you're an expert selling your expertise online as a coach, consultant or trainer and you currently do less than $10,000 a month in revenue and want to grow beyond that... HPEN is perfect for you

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

While I obviously can’t ‘guarantee’ results, my students tell us that when they take action, they see a DIRECT effect on their business momentum—from growth to profits.

Inside the community, I PROMISE to provide you with absolutely everything you need—the best expert know-how, support, encouragement and accountability and a roadmap that will allow you to build, market and monetize your tribe of true fans

Can I cancel My Membership At Anytime?

Absolutely. But keep in mind that when you do, you lose access to every benefit provided by HPEN and also your charter member status.

Once I make a payment when do I start?

You get immediate access to the community. Access to core resources and benefits start from the 1st of December 2020.

I am Just Starting Out, Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely. If you're just starting as a coach, consultant or trainer online, this is the perfect way to get started.

I currently do more than $10,000 a month what can the Highly Paid Experts Network do for me?

Awesome. You might just be a perfect fit for Expert Business School. Send in a quick message and lets schedule time to talk.

Will I get access to one on one help and support?

You have access to private one on one consultations and sessions at a discounted rate.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

To be honest: Aren't you tired of living below your potential? Why wait any longer?

About Your Mentor

Fondly referred to as The Chief Tribemaster (CTM) Victor Ekpo Bassey is a worldclass Performance Consultant, Creator of The Community Mastery Method™ and Founder of The Highly Paid Experts Network.For 20+ years, He has been in the trenches researching the dynamics and structure of influence and working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and thought leaders across Africa, The United Kingdom and The United States of America to help them create, leverage and monetize their influence.

Victor has served as strategic adviser to 3 African Presidents and has been instrumental helping these leaders make quality decisions that made a positive difference in the lives of millions of Africans. He is married to Vivian - one of the smartest and sexiest woman on earth, has three amazing daughters and currently holds the record as perhaps the worst tambourine player in the world.