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Ready to take your expertise to the next level? The Community Mastery Method™ is here to help you build a profitable global practice by harnessing the power of your tribe..


What they say

In 2020 when Covid19 hit the entire world, my income in 2020 was 28% higher than what I earned in 2019.  In 2021, for the first time, I actually as a business person set myself a budgeted income for 2021 and I made 80% of that budgeted income. In 2022, I'm already on track to double the income that I had in 2021, even though there's a recession everywhere. How did I achieve all this? By Applying the Community Mastery Method™

Modupe Ehirim - Founder, Right Fit Marriage Academy

We have DOUBLED our business, created 2 extra income streams, built a crack team of 11 on the payroll and you know what's even better? I am as free as a bird and joy has returned! I couldn't have done it without Victor's help. Save marrying my wife, enrolling for that session was the next wisest decision I made in 2017. Don't be surprised I gave this testimonial, Coaches also need coaches, and Victor is a coach's coach.

Ronald Nzimora - Profit Marketing Systems

Case Study Reveals How Chichi Eruchalu Increased Her Revenue And Confidence 7 Months Into Applying The Community Mastery Method™

Chichi is an amazing award winning Business Strategist and Author of the book If Only They Knew.

4 Key Benefits of Applying The Community Mastery Method™

The Community Mastery Method™ is a framework for rapidly building, leveraging and monetizing a tribe of true fans who happily provide you with opportunities for exploding your income, impact and influence in your field. Ultimately you become a high profile, highly paid person of influence in your field.

Benefit 1: Position Yourself As A Trusted Authority In Your Space

Implementing the Community Mastery Method™ empowers you to create valuable intellectual property that sets you as a true authority in your field.

Benefit 2: Jumpstart A Movement That Captures The Hearts And Minds Of Your Market

Free yourself from the tyranny of social media and algorithms that don't serve you and create your own market of true fans who actively seek you out.

Benefit 3: Create The Cashflow You Need To Build Your Practice And The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

The positioning created by implementing the Community Mastery Method™ provides you with a toll gate position that totally frees up your ability to charge the perfect price.

Benefit 4: Radically Uplevel The Quality Of Results You Habitually Produce In Life And At The Market Place

You'll master high performance leadership strategies that radically explode your ability to produce the results you want in your personal life and at the market place.

About [Your Name]

Victor Ekpo Bassey is the creator of the Community Mastery Method™: a framework for empowering high achievers to create high levels of influence in the market place, leverage it to attract the very best opportunities for achieving their personal and professional goals and ultimately monetize it to produce multiple streams of consistent cashflow and monthly recurring income. He is the Lead Consultant at TribeMasters, a boutique performance consulting practice focused on helping world leaders and thought leaders leverage their influence to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

Victor is the founder of Expert Business School, a total support system for experts who want to be become world class though leaders and build wildly successful practices that produce fantastic results for their clients and enough income to fund their preferred lifestyle.

As  world class performance consultant, Victor's private clients include 3 African Presidents, Serial entrepreneurs, etc.