Learn the 5 Core Strategies for Becoming A High Profile, Highly Paid Person of Influence In Your Field

Date and time:

3rd November 2023

7:00 PM WAT


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What You’ll learn in this 90mins workshop

This workshop introduces you to the core fundamentals of the Community Mastery Method™ and provides you with a framework for becoming a high profile, highly paid person of influence in your field. Within our 90mins together you will learn:

The 5 most Critical Decisions to make in order to become a high profile, highly paid person of influence in your field

These 5 key decisions determine your success as an expert in your market place.

Why you should forget everything the gurus teach about visibility and instead focus on building a movement

Learn how to build a movement that keeps you recession proof.

How to create irresistible transformational products that literally sell themselves and create tollgate positioning for you

Imagine developing a product that delivers predictable results but can't be copied

Your workshop host

Victor Ekpo Bassey

Victor is the Creator of The Community Mastery Method™ and founder of Expert Business School where he helps industry experts and service professionals become high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their fields and in the process building a wildly successful global practice based on their expertise.  

When he's not working African Presidents, Billionaires and some of the most influential people in Africa, he enjoys time with his wife and 3 daughters.

We have DOUBLED our business

We have DOUBLED our business, created 2 extra income streams, built a crack team of 11 on the payroll and you know what's even better? I am as free as a bird and joy has returned! I couldn't have done it without Victor's help. Save marrying my wife, enrolling for that session was the next wisest decision I made. Don't be surprised I gave this testimonial, Coaches also need coaches, and Victor is a coach's coach..

Ronald Nzimora
Director, Digital Nexus

I earned N30 million in under 30 days

I hired Victor Bassey as my coach and he helped me to find clarity and to focus on what was important right now. These clarity sessions helped me to go back to my core and reminded me about the existing courses I had that could generate the income I required. I launched my Knowledge is the New Gold Challenge and earned N10M in under 30 day

Stephanie Obi
Founder, Trainquarters