Attract High-Paying Clients
Command Premium Fees +
Profit From What You Love To Do

With World Class Training, Mentoring, Strategy And Support Designed To Help You Launch Your Tribe of True Fans, Build A Business That Thrives In Any Economy, Accelerate Your Revenue And Get You To Your First N48,000,000 ($100,000) Year FOR JUST $100 A Year  

Most World Class Coaching And Training Programs For Coaches, Consultants And Trainers Online Cost $2000 to $25000 A Year.

I have decided to create one that every single coach, consultant or trainer trying to build a business online and yet hasn't been able to cross the $10,000 a month revenue mark - I have decided to create a program that you can afford for just $100 a year.

Now I totally understand your concerns: you're wondering how a program priced so cheap could be any good - right? I totally get that. I would be wondering the same thing.

Here's What You Need To Understand About Why Exactly I'm Doing This

I've been in the Expert Business Space for more than 20 years. I've had my own fair share of mind blowing success and epic failures. 

I am totally grateful to life for the blessings I now enjoy.

But when I was starting out, I honestly couldn't afford the help that I needed to get me up and running fast. And as a result I struggled and suffered - unnecessarily.

I don't want that for you.

I want to provide you with the coaching, support and mentoring that if I had at the beginning would have saved me a lot of heartache and helped me get the results I wanted faster.

That said, I am also the founder of Expert Business School: The premier total support system for experts and thought leaders focused on becoming high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their field.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford the $5000 minimum investment it takes to work with me at that level.

And so my slightly selfish intention in doing this is this: If I can get you to your first $10,000 a month in revenue, working with me privately at Expert Business School as a logical next step would be a no brainer.

That said, I really truly want to give you all that advantages that I didn't have at the beginning when I first started on this journey.  

Introducing The Highly Paid Experts Network

The Highly Paid Experts Network (HPEN) is an exclusive membership based coaching and mentoring program that inspires and empowers coaches, consultants and trainer by providing them with the tools, resources, strategies, methods and techniques they need to get to their first $10,000 month and $100,000 year without the financial commitments of a typical world class coaching and mentoring program.

Here's What You Get When You Join Us.

World Class Training, Coaching And Mentoring From A Proven Mentor

Get access to a wide range of training, coaching and mentoring opportunities

  • Weekly Thursday Night Service: Our tongue in cheek weekly live training focused on a key aspect of what it takes to become a high profile, highly paid person of influence in your field.
  • Monthly Live Coaching And Mentoring Sessions Via Zoom: These powerful sessions help you get clarity and achieve personal breakthroughs in your business.
  • The Community Mastery Masterclass: Get access to this masterclass to learn and master the very fundamentals of the community mastery method.

Community That Provides You With The Network, Support And Accountability You Need To Reach Your Goals

Be inspired by the company you keep. One of the best ways to alter your behavior is to surround yourself with a tribe of people practicing the habits you'd like to adopt.

Within the Highly Paid Experts Network, you've got a tribe of like minded people playing the same game as you.

An Ever Expanding Library Of Resources Designed To Help You Get Results Fast

Each and every week, you get access to new resources, videos, masterclasses, audio training, ebooks, reports all designed to help get you the results you need. Some of the resources you'll gain immediate access to include:

  • Building your online speaking empire
  • Building your online publishing empire
  • Nanopublishing for coaches and consultants
  • Ethical Cult Building
  • And more...

Get Access To Member Only Perks, Special Offers, Discounts, And Events

Becoming a member of the highly paid experts network provides you with special benefits.

  • Get a 30% discounts on all programs offered by Victor Ekpo Bassey
  • Get invites to private member only events and trainings
  • Get special access to the 97 day challenge and achieve more in your first 90days on The Highly paid Experts Network that in the last 10 years.


How Do I know The Highly Paid Experts Network Is Right For Me?

If you're an expert selling your expertise online as a coach, consultant or trainer and you currently do less than $10,000 a month in revenue and want to grow beyond that... HPEN is perfect for you

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

While I obviously can’t ‘guarantee’ results, my students tell us that when they take action, they see a DIRECT effect on their business momentum—from growth to profits.

Inside the community, I PROMISE to provide you with absolutely everything you need—the best expert know-how, support, encouragement and accountability and a roadmap that will allow you to build, market and monetize your tribe of true fans

Can I cancel My Membership At Anytime?

Absolutely. But keep in mind that when you do, you lose access to every benefit provided by HPEN and also your charter member status.

Once I make a payment when do I start?

You get immediate access to the community. Access to core resources and benefits start from the 1st of December 2020.

I am Just Starting Out, Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely. If you're just starting as a coach, consultant or trainer online, this is the perfect way to get started.

I currently do more than $10,000 a month what can the Highly Paid Experts Network do for me?

Awesome. You might just be a perfect fit for Expert Business School. Send in a quick message and lets schedule time to talk.

Will I get access to one on one help and support?

You have access to private one on one consultations and sessions at a discounted rate.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

To be honest: Aren't you tired of living below your potential? Why wait any longer?

About Your Mentor

Fondly referred to as The Chief Tribemaster (CTM) Victor Ekpo Bassey is a worldclass Performance Consultant, Creator of The Community Mastery Method™ and Founder of The Highly Paid Experts Network.For 20+ years, He has been in the trenches researching the dynamics and structure of influence and working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and thought leaders across Africa, The United Kingdom and The United States of America to help them create, leverage and monetize their influence.

Victor has served as strategic adviser to 3 African Presidents and has been instrumental helping these leaders make quality decisions that made a positive difference in the lives of millions of Africans. He is married to Vivian - one of the smartest and sexiest woman on earth, has three amazing daughters and currently holds the record as perhaps the worst tambourine player in the world.