The Live Streaming Profits Playbook For Coaches, Consultants And Trainers

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If I Had To Start All Over Again In 2021 With No Audience, No Connections And Nothing More Than My Laptop, Expertise And Internet Access - This Would Be My Number One Strategy For Getting My Business Up And Running Profitably In 90 Days!

Now to be honest, I'm not going to be spending anytime on this playbook detailing exactly how to go live on multiple platforms - this is not that kind of resource. There are tons of resources that deal with that specifically online.

What we're going to focus on specifically is how to effectively leverage live streaming to go from zero to N48million ($100,000) year in 12 to 36months starting from scratch.

In order words, this is a step by step road map that you can follow to your first N48million year whether you want to do it in a year or three years.

So let's get into this!

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!


I'm  Victor Ekpo Bassey, Creator of the Community Mastery Method, Founder of Expert Business School and President of The Highly Paid Experts Network.

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This is pretty much where your live streaming success begins.

Far too many people jump online, go live and simply hope for the best. Unfortunately as you might have come to realize: Hope is NOT a WINNING Strategy for Business.

The key here is to focus on attracting a very specific person or groups of persons: ideally these are people for whom you can solve problems for and that you know very well.

Here's What You Need To Know

Every market is divided up into 3 main categories of people. There are those who don't know that they have a problem. They make up 60% of the market. There are those who know they have a problem and are actively searching for a solution. They make up 37% of the market. And finally there are those who are ready to buy now. The make up 3% of the market.


Don't know they have a problem and don't care about solutions


Know they have a problem and are searching for answers


Know they have a problem, and are ready to buy now.

The biggest mistake most of us make when live streaming on social media is either targeting the 3 percent and trying to get a sale immediately or targeting the 60 percent and trying to selling to people who for all intents and purposes are not interested in whatever you have to offer.

The best place to focus your attention when life streaming is on the 37 percent who are aware of their problem and are actively searching for a problem.

Your job is to position them so strongly in their minds that when they are ready to make an investment in the future that you have promised them - You are the only choice in their heads. The toll gate to their future so to speak.


Once you're clear about who you want to reach, the next step is to get clear on the problem that you want to solve. This is critical to your success with your live streaming efforts.

The problem you chose to solve has to problems that your market is invested in solving.

That's the secret to being relevant to them. This matter of being relevant is vital if you want their attention over the long term.

The idea is to be a welcome guest and not an unwanted pest. 

Focus on solving pain-killer problems. In other words problems that keep them up at night and that they desperately want solved. I can't stress this enough.

The clearer you are about what exactly this problem is, the better prepared you will be to design and communicate a solution that actually delivers the transformation that they want rather than just information.


Having a world class solution to a problem that a market desperately wants to solve is live streaming success...especially if your goal is to build a tribe of customers who happily invest at a high level with you.

So the question is: what exactly is a world class solution to a problem?

ANS: It's a step by step process for delivering a specific result for your market.

Your solution should have the following criteria:

High Ticket

It's the highest quality product in your market priced at $2000 and above

Clear Outcome

It's designed to produce a very specific outcome within a specific time

Highly Effective

Has built in high levels of effectiveness in delivering a transformation

Built In Assets

Has all your marketing, advertising and content built in.


When going live you need to understand that gaining the trust of your market place is a function of two things:

  • Your Competence: The extent to which you have mastered your craft and can produce the results that you say you can produce
  • Your Character: The extent to which people can trust you to keep your word.

Your live streams give you a unique opportunity to help your audience develop confidence in your character and confidence.

Once you have that: Trust is pretty much a give.

In the community mastery method, we have  tool we call the TribeMasters Messaging Matrix.

It's a framework for thinking through your live streams so that you deliver content that helps you develop trust with your market.

Victor ekpo bassey chief tribemaster

The biggest mistake I see most people make when it comes to building a tribe and making profit with their livestream is the assumption that you have to teach to gain credibility. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Three Kinds Of Live Streaming Activities To Do To Build Trust

Live Streams That Create Connnection

The goal here is to polarize your audience. You want to attract a specific type of person and turn away the rest. You do this by specifically talking or speaking to the needs of the people you want to attract 

Live Streams For Authority

These are live streams that are focused on teaching your methodology or process and consistently establishing you in the minds of your audience as their default go to authority.

Live Streams For Conversation

These are live streams that focus on creating conversation and community based on the challenges that your market faces when it comes to solving the specific problem you have chosen to provide solutions for.

How to stream with no one watching

Step 5: Clarify Your Profit Formula

In order to be profitable you've got to be clear about the offers that you'll make to your audience based on your core solution.

When it comes to offers, there are basically two kinds:

  • Offers designed to build a tribe of customers around you and get you known by the people to who you are most relevant.
  • Offers designed to get you paid.

Not knowing the difference between these two offers is a primary reason most coaches, consultants and trainers get stuck financially when building their business online.

In the Community Mastery Method™ we have a tool we refer to as the Highly Paid Experts Strategic Growth Stages™:

The entire goal of the model above is:

  • Help you figure out what to focus on depending on where you are in your business.
  • Help you plan out your revenue over time.

The primary idea behind the model is this: ONCE YOU REACH A BELT LEVEL YOU NEVER GO BACK TO A LOVER BELT LEVEL.

This is only possible when you are focused on the right thing at the right time.

Always remember that the whole point of business is: To Create And Keep A Customer.

The way to think about that as far as live streaming is concerned is this:

Build An Audience

This is the very first thing you keep in mind when you start to live stream.

Build Your Tribe Of Customers

Once you have your audience in play the next step is to build a tribe of customers.

Build Your Circle Of  Clients

From your tribe of customers, you ultimately build a circle of clients.

Your profit formula when done right gives you the opportunity to build out each of the above three things based on your Solution.

People become members of your audience primarily because of your message. They become customers when you offer them a quick win based on your core solution that helps them test your methodology or process. And they ultimately become clients when the timing is right for them because of the relationship you have cultivated with them.

Step 6: Set Up Your Conversion Sequence

A conversion sequence is simply a well thought out sequence for generating conversations that lead to cash in the back for you.

The simplest and most effective conversion sequence kills two birds with one stone, in other words it gives you the ability to create a tribe of customers and a circle of clients all at the same time.

The Most Basic Conversion Sequence

Make a low Ticket Offer


This could be anything that solves an immediate problem or shifts their mindset concerning the way they view their problems.

Invite Them To Connect 


Typically this is an invitation for them to have a conversation with you in order for you to support them.

Sell Them On Your Core Offer


Once you've established rapport with them, simply make an offer for your core solution. This is typically a $2000+ offer

That's pretty much it. 

Simply go live to build an audience, make an offer for them to become customers, offer an opportunity to have a value based conversation with you and then sell your core offer.

All driven simply by going live a few times a week.

Step 7: Leverage Your Live Streams

As you know by now there are 3 core types of live streams you can do and each of these live streams serve a specific purpose.

Most of us however lose sight of the opportunity that can come from simply leveraging the life stream content that we've already created.

3 Core Strategies For Leveraging Live Streams

Bundle them up for sale

If you're doing one main live stream a week teaching your solution. That's 52 videos over the course of a year. That can be bundled up for sale to build your tribe of customers.

Distribute The Content

Turn the content of your live streams into written posts that can go on LinkedIn and your blog. Instagram stories and in newsfeed posts, bite size video series of YouTube and more.

Expand Your Audience

Your most popular live stream content can be leveraged to expand the size of your audience by simply setting aside a small ad budget to get them in front of more of your perfect market.

Live streaming is incredibly powerful as a tool for building your business. I hope you found the information in this post useful.

Please fill free to leave a comment.

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