Community Mastery For NLP Practitioners

SHINE: How To Multiply Your Income, Impact And Influence With Your NLP Skills

4 Lessons Easy

About this course

Shine! is a 5 day mini pre-class session designed to help participants of the 1 day live SHINE event for NLP Practitioners, get ready for the main event. Participants over 5 days learn the very basics of the Community Mastery Method as applied to NLP practitioners

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Course Structure

Session One: Developing Mastery

In this lesson you learn about the 4 key areas of high ticket expenditure and how to think about how to focus your mastery.

Session Two: Getting Known

In this lesson, you learn the most powerful way to get known by the right people, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Session Three: Getting Paid

Find out how to create a business model that is in alignment with who you are.

Session 4: Getting Ready To Scale

Learn what it means to balance opportunity, growth and stability in a practice.