I Help Experts & Entrepreneurial Leaders Build, Leverage & Monetize Tribes of True Fans

Want to know how the Community Mastery Method™ helps you build a tribe of true fans who happily pay $3000. $5000 and $10000+ to access your wisdom and expertise?

Victor Ekpo Bassey


Build a tribe around any product, service or idea and you'll never have to worry about sales ever again


What they say

One year after my session with Victor, we have DOUBLED our business, created 2 extra income streams, built a crack team of 11 on the payroll. I couldn't have done it without Victor's help...

Ronald Nzimora - Digital Nexus

One of the major pivots of my life was when I worked with the premium Victor Ekpo Bassey. He helped me increase my personal and professional influence. I love and respect his expertise and kindness.

Oyinkansola Alabi - The Emotions Doctor

Start Your Journey.

New here and not quite sure what next steps to take. Below are the best steps to take to get the best from the Community Mastery Method™

Step 1: Attend The TribeCraft Workshop to master the basics

Want to know how the Community Mastery Method™ can help you build tribe of true fans who happily pay $3000. $5000 and $10000+ to access your wisdom and expertise?

Step 2: Subscribe to TribeMasters to build and leverage influence

Get access to our monthly community mastery training designed to help you build, leverage and monetize your influence in the market place and stay ahead of competition.

Step 3: Join the Highly Paid Experts Network and build your practice

Build a wildly success practice, produce fantastic results for your clients and live life on your own terms. Become the high profile, highly paid person of influence you were born to be.

More Love From Our Clients

Edirin Edework

Founder, OPEN

I’ve become clearer about my vision for my career, gotten better at articulating that vision to my audience, built influence using resources I didn’t even realize I had in me, and I’ve reached for, and smashed every goal I set

Innocent Usar

NLP Mastery Trainer,

Founder Innocent Minds Training

I didn't know any Nigerian had the fire and focus that connects the dots for many until I met Victor Ekpo Bassey. I have recommended him to more Nigerians who want to grow their influence, business and authenticity than I have recommended anyone I know.

Anurika Azubuike

managing partner,

market innovation africa

With his guidance, I have built intellectual properties that were lying fallow and have earned greatly from them. I've created a strong positioning for myself and the solutions I bring to the marketplace. With Victor it has been consistent evolution, growth and learning. He looks out for me even when I'm not looking out.

Benefits of applying the Community Mastery Method™

The Community Mastery Method empowers you with nature's fundamental blueprint for massive exponential growth in income, influence and impact.

Benefit 1: Position Yourself As A Trusted Authority In Your Space

Implementing the Community Mastery Method™ empowers you to create valuable intellectual property that sets you as a true authority in your field.

Benefit 2: Jumpstart A Movement That Captures The Hearts And Minds Of Your Market

Free yourself from the tyranny of social media and algorithms that don't serve you and create your own market of true fans who actively seek you out.

Benefit 3: Create The Cashflow You Need To Build Your Practice And The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams 

The positioning created by implementing the Community Mastery Method™ provides you with a toll gate position that totally frees up your ability to charge the perfect price.

Benefit: 4 Create A Wildly Profitable Business Model That Is In Total Alignment With Who You Are

You'll get the benefit of doing work you like, with people you like and how you like - playing to your strengths and never again struggling to be what you're not

Benefit 5: Radically Uplevel The Quality Of Results You Habitually Produce In Life And At The Market Place 

You'll master high performance leadership strategies that radically explode your ability to produce the results you want in your personal life and at the market place.

About Victor Ekpo Bassey

Victor Ekpo Bassey is a world class performance consultant and founder of Community Mastery, a boutique performance consulting practice focused on helping world leaders and thought leaders leverage their influence to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

He is the creator of the Community Mastery Method: a framework for empowering high achievers to create high levels of influence in the market place, leverage it to attract the very best opportunities for achieving their personal and professional goals and ultimately monetize it to produce multiple streams of consistent cashflow and monthly recurring income.

Victor's private clients include 3 African Presidents, Serial entrepreneurs,  etc. Victor is the founder of the Highly Paid Experts Network, a total support system for experts who want to be become world class though leaders and build wildly successful practices that produce fantastic results for their clients and enough income to fund their preferred lifestyle.