Thank you for taking part in my pre-session training for The Worital Authors Conclave 2.0

Below are a few resources that will hopefully jumpstart your thinking about building your publishing empire.

First is a 10mins Audio Presentation on How To Use Books To Build Your Expert Business and  Position Yourself As Leading Expert In Your Space

A book is an incredibly powerful tool for building any business and also for positioning you as the go to authority in your space. But you've got to think creatively about how you do that. In the audio below (it's part of a 21 day series I did for my members a few years back), I share exactly how to think about doing that.

Second is a 10mins Audio Presentation on Package and Sell High Priced Consultations. 

If Your Book is Non Fiction and Solves a Specific Relevant Problem, You can Use it as A Basis for Selling 90mins Consultations Priced At $350 - $1000+. In the audio below (it's part of a 21 day series I did for my members a few years back), I share exactly how to think about doing that.

Third is a 20mins Video Presentation on Nanopublishing™

With Nanopublishing you can quickly and easy turn your book or next book into an asset that brings in $100000 a year by simply breaking up your content. It's also an incredible way to get paid for your book long before you even get it published.

Are You Ready To Take Your Book And Online Publishing Dreams To The Next Level?

Why is it that some people quickly become recognized as the leading expert in their field with all the fame, fortune and opportunity that goes with it -- while others in the same industry struggle just to get by?

Why do some experts get book deals, licensing deals, distribution deals, speaking tours, spokesperson contracts -- while others wait years to get hired as a speaker or make any meaningful progress with their book?

I'd like to share the answers with you. In fact I've prepared masterclass for you that is taken directly from my work as the secret business advisor to some of the celebrity experts you've heard of.


People who have paid me a small fortune to create new profit centers for their businesses -- but I've never revealed her system for building entire publishing and media empires until now.

If you've ever wanted to be find success as a published author... an internationally renowned speaker...

If your business or professional career would benefit from corporations, national media and third-party marketers "discovering" you as the leading expert in your field and bringing you exciting deals and national exposure...

If you'd like to add easy profit centers to your business that return staggering 85% to 95% profit margins selling products priced at $5,000 or more...

I urge you to register for my 2 day PUBLISHING MAVERICKS MASTERCLASS about how you can master the BUSINESS of the information products business -- from someone who's been working in the background creating these profit centers for nearly 20 years.

I've perfected the art of turning expertise of any kind into 52 different income streams ranging from book deals to coaching programs, high-priced consulting, seminars, licensing, subscription products, corporate contracts and more.

Your investment?

Just N50000 only.

To lock down your spot, please make a payment for N50,000 to:

Zenith Bank Account 1001635222

Account Name: Victor Ekpo Bassey.

Once payment is made please send proof to and I'll take it from there.


The ideas and strategies you’ll receive in THE PUBLISHING MAVERICKS MASTERCLASS are for consultants, industry experts, authors, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs and professional practitioners who want to use knowledge products to market themselves and earn a staggering income... both online and offline.

The PUBLISHING MAVERICKS MASTERCLASS is a career-transforming framework of strategies, marketing campaigns, documents, product creation techniques and other action items that have transformed the careers of clients that routinely pay thousands of dollars for this information and advice. You'll want to study each STRATEGY carefully.

I hired Victor Bassey as my coach and he helped me to find clarity and to focus on what was important right now. These clarity sessions helped me to go back to my core and reminded me about the existing courses I had that could generate the income I required. I launched my Knowledge is the New Gold Challenge and earned N10M in under 30 day

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About Victor Ekpo Bassey

Fondly referred to as The Chief TribeMaster (CTM), Victor Ekpo Bassey is a world class performance consultant and founder of Community Mastery, a boutique performance consulting practice focused on helping world leaders and thought leaders leverage their influence to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

He is the creator of the Community Mastery Method: a framework for empowering high achievers to create high levels of influence in the market place, leverage it to attract the very best opportunities for achieving their personal and professional goals and ultimately monetize it to produce multiple streams of consistent cashflow and monthly recurring income.

Victor's private clients include 3 African Presidents, Serial entrepreneurs, etc. Victor is the founder of the Highly Paid Experts Network, a total support system for experts who want to be become world class though leaders and build wildly successful practices that produce fantastic results for their clients and enough income to fund their preferred lifestyle.